Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas time is coming and Team Glasgow want to share a little boogie with you all

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, 6 December 2010

Facebook Profile Picture

We all know about the cartoon picture stunt that took over facebook at the weekend now the lovely Kirsty has started one of her own and as always Team Glasgow are here to support her!! So if your on Facebook change your profile picture to this or add it as a picture and tag as many people as you can. It might be helpful to add the following as a status - Wouldn't it be great to see the cartoon faces turn into this over the coming days. Change your profile pic and spread the news about the greatest gift anyone can give this Christmas. Add more to it if you please but lets see how much of a difference we can make!!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Getting Nosey about CF

Here's a great CF Educational video for kids created by the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, one of the charities Team Glasgow supports.

For some reason it won't let me embed it so here's the link - Olie and Nush Have a watch it's really good!!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Happy 1 Year Transplantversary to the lovely Kirsty!!!

You could save a life like Kirsty's by signing up!!!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Photographs that can be purchased

Not for sale

Not for sale

Not for sale

Not for sale

Here are some pictures taken on the night by the professional photographer Will McGregor. We are able to print and sell these to anyone who wants to purchase them and all proceeds will go to LLTGL and add to our total. If you would like to purchase a photograph then please contact us at

More coming soon.

Team Glasgow

The Big Night

Masked Ballet - Confidance

The room

Team Glasgow - Picture by Will McGregor

Team Glasgow again - Picture by Will McGreggor

Mhairi Houston - Musical Theatre Singer

Victoria's Table Plan - Took her hours!!

Kirsty singing My Hero by the Foo Fighters dedicated to her Donor

Sponsors - Picture by Will McGreggor

Our Hosts Jay Lafferty and Scott Agnew with Victoria

The Ball was a huge success!!! The total (so far) is just over £12,100!!

It was rather manic getting all the prizes, programmes, table decorations etc down to Oran Mor in time but we did it - we franticly set up, put things on tables, tied butterflies round candelabras and in the middle of it all Kirsty managed to find time to do Jac's hair. Priories and all that ;-)

Now it is no longer secret we can tell you about the evening's format! The tables were lit by beautiful candelabras, creating a lovely atmosphere for a Masquerade Ball. Each guest received a flower seed packet - with the message to be planted in memory of our donors. Of course organ donation and LLTGL leaflets were on all tables! The evening started with guests arriving around 7ish with amazing masks and beautiful dresses. Victoria had made a fab seating plan for all the tables. The meal was fantastic although funnily enough I did not feel very hungry! When coffee was served Team Glasgow got up to welcome everyone and Jac was nominated to speak - you know how she like to be on a stage :-) We also tried to give a little background to our stories and why we were here tonight. Our hosts, comedians, Jay Lafferty and Scott Agnew then came on to introduce the acts. We had two fantastic classical singers James Smyth and Emma Phelan (Both from Musical Theatre School Confidance), who sung throughout the slide show we produced - with pictures of people waiting on transplant, post transplant, those who have lost their life waiting and organ donors. We had a slight technical hitch due to Jac's laptop deciding to ignore the fact a projector was attached, but Andrew got it working in time for the 2nd song. We then had another singer Mhari Houstoun (graduated student of Confidance), who was amazing and did quite a few songs from musicals. Some tables were then moved to make way for our masked ballet dancers! These were boys and girls from theMusical Theatre School Victoria works at, called Confidance. They were fantastic! It was then time for the band Kaledonia, who were also fantastic and there was plenty dancing to lead us up to a break just after 11pm to draw the raffle, announce silent auction winners and do some loud auction prizes. Also going on all night was an amazing tombola -I think there were nearly 300 prizes and we made the odds of winning pretty good so most things were won :-) This was a big hit and we were so lucky to have some volunteers from Santander helping us out - we couldn't have done it without them. Also on offer were professional photographs to buy (printed on the night) and a special cocktail at the bar, £1 of each purchase being donated to our final total.

Another hi light of the night was Kirsty singing 'My Hero' by the Foo Fighters, in memory of her donor. It was an emotional performance and everyone thought it was amazing. The night flew in but everyone seemed to be having a great time and there was a wonderful atmosphere in the room. It was such a celebration of us still being here, still standing and looking to the future - and hoping we can help others also get this opportunity.

Team Glasgow xx