Monday, 21 February 2011

Butterfly Trust Auction

The gorgeous Jac has created this lovely painting below to be auctioned off for The Butterfly Trust.

Jac spent the whole of last week creating this special painting, with the trust in mind.  Their aim is to support people with Cystic Fibrosis in Scotland, and the butterfly logo represents people with CF being helped to open their wings and fly – therefore she used the butterfly image in this painting to reflect that ethos.  

Please click this link for photographs of the painting and further details of bidding.  The painting is 4ft x 4ft (big!)  – Jac has added a photo above her sofa to give an idea of scale. 

If you are interested, email with your bid.  Jac will inform you if you are currently the highest bidder.  She will place the highest bid for that day at the link above, but will keep this anonymous.   She will take bidding for 3 weeks from today – so bids close on Sunday 13th March at 12 noon.  Payment can be paid direct to the charity – She is donating the costs of canvas and materials. 

Hopefully this will make a little bit of money for this great charity!

Saturday, 5 February 2011


so please help us to make it the best one yet!
What's it about?
Love it or hate it, it's that time of year again. 
Valentine's Day has crept up on us and soon we'll 
be surrounded with overpriced bouquets of roses 
and boxes of chocolates begging to be bought. 
How about doing something different this year? 
How about using Valentine's Day to do a good 
deed and make a difference?

Use this Valentine's Day to help us help them: 
Brighten up the day before - Friday 13th February- 
with a red-themed cake sale!

By selling your baked goodies in aid of LLTGL you 
can help us help the thousands of people out there 
desperately waiting for a transplant that could 
save their lives.

Can't get to or host your own cake sale? Sponsor a 
cake-bake by adding your donation below! 
Why do it?
Live Life Then Give Life (LLTGL) is a UK charity 
which works hard to raise awareness about the 
greatest gift of all: The Gift of Life. We work 
hard to inform the public about organ donation 
and to support those in need of a transplant.

By selling your baked goodies in aid of LLTGL you 
can help us help the thousands of people out there 
desperately waiting for a transplant that could 
save their lives.

/Send us your photos from your workplace, school or 
university to win a prize for the most wild, wacky 
or creative cake!/

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Sad Day

Today Team Glasgow said goodbye to their good friend David.

David like Victoria, Kirsty and Jac had Cystic Fibrosis and needed a double lung transplant but unlike them David never received his. David was a wonderful guy, sarcastic and often at times blunt to the point of winding people up but that was all part of his charm. He went on the transplant list a few months after Victoria and although his health was bad he was strong and a figher plus a big support to the Team Glasgow girls when they had any transplant related problems. David was a massive supporter of Team Glasgow and often spoke about joining once he got his new lungs, unfortunately did not come to pass but David is now and will always be the fourth member of Team Glasgow!!!

David was a young man taken before he had the chance to fully be what he wanted to be, Cystic Fibrosis took this from him!! David could have been saved though and wasn't because not enough people are signed up to the Organ Donation Register!! David felt strongly about this subject and would want all of you who aren't signed up to think about it and if you decide you want to sign up then do it, don't put it off, don't say you are undecided, make a decision and run with it. It didn't save David but I know for a fact right now he doesn't want this to happen to anyone else.

We let one amazing person leave us, don't let anyone else. Be a hero and be an organ donor!! Save a life like David's xx