Thursday, 3 February 2011

Sad Day

Today Team Glasgow said goodbye to their good friend David.

David like Victoria, Kirsty and Jac had Cystic Fibrosis and needed a double lung transplant but unlike them David never received his. David was a wonderful guy, sarcastic and often at times blunt to the point of winding people up but that was all part of his charm. He went on the transplant list a few months after Victoria and although his health was bad he was strong and a figher plus a big support to the Team Glasgow girls when they had any transplant related problems. David was a massive supporter of Team Glasgow and often spoke about joining once he got his new lungs, unfortunately did not come to pass but David is now and will always be the fourth member of Team Glasgow!!!

David was a young man taken before he had the chance to fully be what he wanted to be, Cystic Fibrosis took this from him!! David could have been saved though and wasn't because not enough people are signed up to the Organ Donation Register!! David felt strongly about this subject and would want all of you who aren't signed up to think about it and if you decide you want to sign up then do it, don't put it off, don't say you are undecided, make a decision and run with it. It didn't save David but I know for a fact right now he doesn't want this to happen to anyone else.

We let one amazing person leave us, don't let anyone else. Be a hero and be an organ donor!! Save a life like David's xx

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  1. I am very sad to hear of a beautiful life lost. I can tell that David was truly a 4th member of Team Glasgow and that you fiesty lasses wouldn't recruit just anyone! May he rest in peace :-(