Thursday, 7 October 2010



I have a big favour to ask!! We are looking for pictures to use in a slideshow that will be shown on the night of the Masquerade Ball.
  • Pictures of those waiting on a transplant - lungs, liver, kidney etc please email with your name, a picture, what organ you are waiting for and how long you have been on the list.
  • Pictures of those who have had a transplant - again any organ. Email us with your name, a picture before the op and one after showing a significant change, please state the organ or organs transplanted, how long you waited on the list and what month and year you received the transplant.
  • Pictures of those who have passed away while on the list. Email us with the name, a picture, the organ they were waiting for, month and year they died and how long they were waiting.
  • Pictures of those who have donated organs. Email with name, picture and if possible which organs were used to save lifes.
We are seriously lacking pictures of those who have dies waiting and those who have donated. I know it's hard but we need these pictures to get the message accross. Please help!!

If you could send them to us before the 15th of October that would be amazing!!

Team Glasgow

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